In-House Retreat Program

Accommodation, Retreat Space, Community, Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Dance, Healing, Transformation, Healthy Vegan Nutrition, Wellness, Conscious Living.

At the Ark, we form a community of like minded people, mixed, from all parts of the globe, drawn to magical Ubud to experience the deeper meaning and joy of life. Come to our warm and welcoming space to open your heart, and grow and play in its offerings!


In our program we include the 5 Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each day we’ll explore one of the 5 Elements, work with the specific meridians in our Hatha and Yin Yoga practice, look at the psycho-emotional connection and balance our wellbeing. Mindfulness is our daily Mantra and helps us to cruise through everything which arises. We work together with an amazing Ayurvedic Spa that offers you additional care if you wish so. And to respect beautiful Bali we include Balinese Culture in our program. We’ll have a Balinese opening ceremony, a Balinese cooking and medicine class and on the last day we’ll go to the water temple for the final purification.

This is an intimate program with a maximum of 12 participants. Everyone arrives on the same day, so we really form a connective community with each other. The space we create will be intimate and held, allowing you to feel safe with the other participants, to open up to yourself and others. Together we share, explore and connect, to ourselves, each other and the environment. We have dedicated teachers who hold the space for and provide the experience for this deeply transformational healing journey.

The retreat allows you to dive deeply into yourself and to share your prescious being with your intimate retreat-group. It will transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and others and impact your life in its essence.


Our 7-day retreat program is our hearts passion, in which we journey with you through a full program of yoga, meditation, movement, conscious living and healthy eating. Our program differed from many others in that it is a complete retreat with a full dedicated schedule. We honor the major ancient wisdom traditions of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness of Tibetan Buddhism and Balinese Culture. We believe all these systems have their specific strengths which enrich one another, together building a holistic system.



We offer a whole experience. The experience you’ve come to Ubud looking for.

No religion, guru or dogma! 

Here at the Ark we offer you a wonderful beautiful space, surrounded by rice fields and a lush jungle, a home away from home, to nourish and treat you while you are on your Ubud yoga retreat adventure. With a selection of luxurious suites, apartments, rooms and a dorm you’ll find your space at the Ark.

In the retreat we include delicious vegan breakfast and lunch as well as a welcome dinner, goodbye dinner and one group dinner. Our Balinese cook and raw food chef will prepare a variety of healthy Balinese food and raw food for you to enjoy. For the other three evenings we let you explore the many nice restaurants and warungs in the area.

We are a warm welcoming home, providing the setting for you to share, learn, heal and grow – where you can meet and connect with like minded souls; opening your heart and feeling held by a loving community.

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8 - 15 January 2018
15 - 21 January 2018
22 - 28 January 2018
5 - 11 February 2018
12 - 18 February 2018
19 - 25 February 2018

US$ 540/ person